Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Penny Moves To Land Where Nut Shots Are King

Matt Holliday's nuts just got some company (at least until Holliday signs with someone else), as disgruntled former Dodger turned disgruntled former Red Sock turned disgruntled former Giant Brad Penny signed with St. Louis:

The St. Louis Cardinals and right-handed pitcher Brad Penny have agreed to a deal, sources told ESPN The Magazine's Buster Olney.

Penny's one-year contract is worth $7.5 million and contains $1.5 million in performance bonuses, according to sources. The deal is pending a physical, which will likely be done on Tuesday.

Penny recently turned down a one-year offer to stay with San Francisco. The two-time All-Star quickly drew interest from the NL Central champion Cardinals, facing the loss of free-agent pitchers Joel Pineiro, John Smoltz and Todd Wellemeyer.

$7.5M? That's a lot of Dushkus! But St. Louis is ecstatic to bring a man of peace to the Midwest.

Enjoy, Cardinals fans!


Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

The scary thing is that this signing sets the market. So if a pitcher of Penny's worth will cost $7.5 million, what will someone else cost, like...y'know, someone with talent? Buy now, pay through the nose; wait for the end, and find something off the scrap heap.

A long winter indeed.

Steve Sax said...

Mr LA SF: unless contracts this year are calibrated by the pound, of course.

rbnlaw said...

Why hasn't there been an "official" announcement regarding the Mariners signing Figgins? Did I miss it?

We could do a lot worse than standing pat at the meetings. Most of the talk is over hyped anyway. That said; sign Lackey.

End of pipe dream.