Thursday, October 01, 2009

This Is Getting Riderpulous

heart: We just lost four in a row!

brain: Which matches the Dodgers' longest losing streak of the year.

heart: We just got swept by the Padres!

brain: It was only a two-game series, and it was the first time the Dodgers have been swept all season.

heart: We're going to become the NL wild card team!

brain: The Dodgers have been tied for or in first place 153 of their 159 games. If the Rockies were to win today and sweep the Dodgers, don't you think they would deserve to be in first place?

heart: We're going to lose home-field advantage!

brain: Eric Stephen at True Blue LA crunched the numbers and doesn't find that home-field advantage provides a significant edge.

heart: The batters have no plate discipline!

brain: Actually, all eight regular starters have at least 50 walks each.

heart: The pitching staff is falling apart!

brain: But the bats are healthy: Each regular starter (except Manny) has at least 550 PAs.

heart: Andre Ethier is falling apart!

brain: Ethier on the road: .239/.341/.392. Ethier at home: .306/.375/.632.

heart: We don't have an ace!

brain: But we do have probable Game 1 starter Randy Wolf. The Dodgers have won 22 of his 33 starts.

heart: This sucks!

brain: Would you rather be a Mets fan?*

heart: We're all going to die!

brain: This is true, in a technical sense.

*Thanks, Karina!


Josh S. said...

"If the Rockies were to win today and sweep the Dodgers, don't you think they would deserve to be in first place?"

True enough. I was thinking about this this morning. I would hate it if the Rockies swooped in and took the West, but there's no way you can say they didn't earn it. Credit where credit is due.

madmaximus said...

I appreciate the positive attitude from the Dodger blogosphere but I get the impression that you guys are a slightly delusional. The Dodgers have not been the same juggernaut from the first half of the year. I understand that anything can happen, look at the 2006 Cardinals, how the hell did they win a World Series? But I don't believe this team is going anywhere. Simply put I'm scared and I don't have a ton of faith in this team. It seems that we did most of the heavy lifting early on in the season and are burnt out. HOPEFULLY I'M WRONG! I want so bad to be wrong, I would love to see the Dodgers win a World Series. I was six last time they did and that doesn't count.

I love the attitude out there and just hope we wrap this thing up tomorrow and finish the season with some dignity, weather or not that matters.

karina said...

Orel, it's my pleasure! (and a honor to be sort of quoted by you)

Call me delusional, but baseball taught me miracles exist.