Thursday, May 07, 2009

What's Your Take on the Manny Ramirez Suspension?

What's your take on the Manny Ramirez suspension?
Gobsmacked. Never saw it coming.
Surprised. But I knew the winning streak was too good to be true.
Not surprised. These athletes will do anything to win.
I think Manny is totally innocent.
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Rob said...

None of the above, really. While I realize that players will do anything to win, we don't know what it was he tested positive for or why MLB was testing for it. Furthermore, given the large number of career minor leaguers and quad-A types who took steroids and somehow never magically turned into career-peak-Barry Bonds, this is really just a witch hunt. The one thing that the drug warriors hate is proof positive that winners can do drugs.

rbnlaw said...

The streak at home reached 13. Had to happen.

Could be worse; could've been Dre.