Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Trolley Dodger Goes National

Congrats to Trolley Dodger on his interview with USA Today. Here's an excerpt:

Are the Lakers or Dodgers more popular in L.A.?

I've heard this question before. It's a false dichotomy. Los Angeles loves winners — they love the Lakers and their championships, the flash and domination of Kobe. But the Dodgers are ingrained in the DNA, so despite not winning the World Series in 20 years, they continue to fill Dodger Stadium. Thus, the answer to that question is "Yes."

Way to dodge, Trolley Dodger! We're expecting your entrance into politics any day now.


Celsius1414 said...

I took a firmly ambivalent stand on that question! ;)

rbnlaw said...

"If he were all antics and no production, there would be no love affair in LA."
Can you say, "Milton Bradley?"