Wednesday, May 13, 2009

SoSG Post About LAT Article About Lack of Comments

So many words written about such little content. We'll counter with our own coverage:

[...] we have heard not a word from Selig [about Manny].





Chappy said...

Typical. Selig is gonna ignore the issue until he's forced to acknowledge it.

He hasn't had much to say about A-Roid's admission of steriod use either...

Steve Sax said...

Actually, Chappy, Selig did come out against A-Rod. As the article says:

Selig pounced on Alex Rodriguez this spring, responding to the revelation that Rodriguez had failed a 2003 drug test with a statement that said he had "shamed the game" and bragging about advances in baseball's testing program.

Yet Selig has said nothing about Ramirez, about the case that best validates those advances, about the extraordinary investigation that supported the initial test.

When Selig pointed the finger at Rodriguez, critics pointed right back at him, as the commissioner of the steroids era. Selig is enormously sensitive about his legacy, and friends say he won't volunteer to take another hit by speaking up about Ramirez.

Chappy said...

Selig's hypocracy know no bounds then Saxy!

The a-hole knowingly lined his pockets with the resurgence of baseball popularity because of the steriod era and now he's trying to represent himself as a champion who's cleaning up the game?

Nice work avoiding the real issues altogether once again Selig!