Friday, May 15, 2009

Tats What I'm Talking About

Are you hardcore? Sixty-nine percent of SoSG readers identify themselves as die-hard Dodger fans. (How do we know? We asked.) But how hardcore are you? Enough to get it in ink?

We've posted about True Blue Tattoo before—they are Dodger-mad and Dodger-approved. After all, if they're good enough to be the tattoo joint of choice for Matt Kemp and Ned Colletti (that's right, Ned Colletti), then they're good enough for those of you who have been thinking about getting a Dodgers tattoo.

Money an issue? True Blue Tattoo has you covered: Tomorrow is "Dodger Day," when they are offering free and/or discounted tattoos.

Thanks to UCLADodger, who writes:

I got my Dodgers Tattoos done here and thought some people might want the heads up.

And here's the scoop, straight from the True Blue Tattoo MySpace page:

FREE tattoos limited to a certain design and size...

2" x 2" = FREE

3" x 3" = $20

4" x 4" = $40



There will be a sign in sheet...first come, first serve. We will not be making any appointments at all this day, sorry. We will stop taking names @ exceptions.


ID required.

Remember, you MUST be at least 18! It's the LAW.

For more information, visit the official True Blue Tattoo site. And if you go—we want pictures!

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Eric Karros said...

I don't regret getting my True Blue tattoo (it was free!). But in retrospect, I wish I picked a different location.

Chappy said...

Amazing coincidence as I met this guy at Spring Training in AZ and we talked for a bit as I have quite a few tats.

Anyway, he seems to be the real deal and do I plan on making a Dodger game/tattoo trip to get some work from him in the future.

rbnlaw said...

I just found out that my new neighbor does tats and piercings.
I'm going to ask him to do "Beast Mode" in script across my back and then get a Prince Albert piercing to show how hard core I am.

I can't see any of that haunting me in the future.