Thursday, April 05, 2007

Bill Plaschke Drools over Russell Martin's Bare Shoulder

So leads off Plaschke's latest piece:

MILWAUKEE — The tattoo splashes across his left shoulder in bright shades of red and blue, a contrast to the dark and serious eyes glaring down at it.

"No big deal," Russell Martin said. "That's just my new tattoo."

Look closely, though, and see that it is a very big deal. It is complicated drawing of a giant bull whose horns are wrapped in chains that disappear into his skin.

I couldn't stomach to read the rest of this Harlequin romance novel, so I didn't catch the point of the article. It's probably speaking to Russell Martin's team-leading batting average and leadership abilities, and how they belie his youth and low experience.

But it sounded awfully wistful to me. Martin may want to look into a restraining order.