Friday, May 15, 2009

Joe Speaks on Manny Speaking

Joe Torre, on Manny Ramirez's meeting with the team today, as broadcast during today's game:

I'm not going to tell you what was said, because that was a meeting and it was private, but I think it went well. There was some uneasiness on Manny's part. I think how badly he feels about this whole thing and understanding he has made a mistake and he apologized to the team. But I think at first it was a little uneasy. But then he got around, shook everybody's hand, a few hugs here and there and things sort of settled down a little bit. But I felt it was something that needed to happen. I think Manny did too but he just really wasn't ready to do it until today.


Torre on Manny's workout schedule:

My guess is, and we talked about it today, he's allowed to work out with us. He has to be out of—off the field, actually, when the gates open. So there's one scenario that we're entertaining and that he's entertaining that he'll work out with us at home and then when we go on the road, he'll either stay and work out or go to Glendale and do it there. But he hasn't done a whole lot since the suspension, so I think he's getting anxious to start doing some physical stuff.


Manny apologizes to Dodger teammates (AP/


rbnlaw said...

Joe is a classy guy.
Manny is a . . .

My patience is wearing thin and my distaste for this whole situation is growing.

Orel said...

It ain't going away! Let's just hope the Dodgers keep winning so we won't go looking for excuses.