Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hudson's Hands, Torre's Toque in Hallowed Hall

The Dodgers' groundbreaking April has earned them a spot in the Hall of Fame. From "Dodgers send two artifacts to Cooperstown" from

Behold the Hall's two newest artifacts, which formed a bookend for LA's historic 13-0 start to this season at Dodger Stadium:

• Orlando Hudson's batting gloves from the game in which he hit for the cycle.

The right glove of the blue-and-white Nike set reads: "Orlando Hudson #13 The Cycle" and includes the date: "4-13-09." It came in the Dodgers' home opener, an 11-1 defeat of the Giants. [...]

• Joe Torre's blue cap, worn in the game in which the Dodgers manager's club broke the Major League Baseball record by going 13-0 at home to start the season.

The two items join some 35,000 artifacts at the Hall, of which about 10 percent are on display to the public. These probably will go into the Dodgers locker of the Today's Game exhibit.

Ah, seems like so long ago. Congratulations to Hudson and Torre for the recognition. So what can the Dodgers plan on donating to the Hall from their May?
Jonathan Broxton's sideburns?
What's left of Hong-Chih Kuo's elbow ligament?
Andre Ethier's walk-off hit?
The clubhouse horse?
Anil Kapoor's hair?
The Diamondbacks' triple-play ball?
Some happy bloggers?
Manny Ramirez's invincibility?
Bill Plaschke's righteous indignation?
A controversial cross?
James Loney's first home run of the season?
Xavier Paul's first home run of his career?