Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Game 152 Thread: Sept 22 vs. Padres, 7p

Ted Lilly (5-3, 4.12) vs. Tim Stoover Stauffer (4-4, 1.99).

COMMENTS: While my colleague Sax is rooting against the Giants (reluctantly) at the expense of the Dodgers, I say let the cards (not the Cards) fall where they may. I mean, if you're up 6.5 games in late August and fritter it away, maybe you don't deserve to make the post-season.

That doesn't mean we have to watch the Giants make it, though. Remember that the Jim Tracy-led Rockies are in prime position to get hot and blow past the Pads and Gints. It might happen! Just trust me. My name is Stoover.

P.S.: Sphincter*.

(Sphincter trifecta complete!)


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Dusty Baker said...


Neeebs said...


"Close to the Edge."

Arguably my favorite Yes song.

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