Friday, May 07, 2010

'Empire' State of Mind

Details have emerged on the upcoming "Empire Strikes Back" Dodgertown night. From a Dodgers press release:

The Dodgers will celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back on May 21 – three decades from the day the classic trilogy’s beloved middle chapter first debuted in theaters. Fans can sit in a special My Town Section – dubbed “Dodgertown, A Galaxy Far Far Away” – when the Dodgers play against Detroit at 7:10 p.m. The first 20,000 fans in attendance will also receive a numbered, limited edition, foil-stamped 30th Anniversary poster featuring iconic Empire images coupled with a custom version of the Dodgers “This is My Town” logo.

Inter-galactic festivities will begin before the game with appearances by classic Star Wars characters – including Stormtroopers, Yoda, R2-D2 and more – who will take photos with fans in Autograph Alley. Chewbacca the Wookiee will throw the ceremonial first pitch – launching an evening of Star Wars-themed in-game entertainment.

“Dodgertown, A Galaxy Far Far Away” will be located in the Lower Reserve sections 56 - 60. All fans sitting in this section will receive the free “Dodgertown, A Galaxy Far Far Away” T-shirt with the iconic image of infamous bounty hunter Boba Fett. Fans in this section will also enjoy unlimited ballpark favorites such as Dodger dogs, nachos, peanuts, popcorn and soft drinks, as well as a special Star Wars-themed menu – such as Boba Burgers, Darth Tater Chips and Ice Sabers.

One lucky row in the My Town section will win Star Wars DVD prize packs and there will be additional Star Wars giveaways in this section throughout the game. Also, the My Town section will be visited by Star Wars characters for the duration of the game.

As usual, if you go — we want pics!

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Kyle Baker said...

Hmmmm....May 21...if anyone needs an idea for a birthday present for me... ;-)

MR.F said...

Chewbacca is throwing out the first pitch. What a lucky guy.

MR.F said...

After he throws it, someone should give him one of those medals he missed out on after A New Hope.

Josh S. said...

I find your lack of wins disturbing.

Josh S. said...

Hmmm...$45 gets you a shirt, a poster, unlimited food, and the chance to hang with your fellow Star Wars/ baseball geek bretheren? I think that makes up for sitting in crappy seats.

And Dusty's a fellow Gemini? So that's why we're twin brothers from separate mothers!

Kyle Baker said...

Yep - last day of Gemini!

Speaking of, Nancy B is reported to have just finished "Age of Aquarius" at the Yard. (60s night)

Steve Sax said...

Technically speaking, your seats are going to be higher than Bespin, too. I think it's funny how the press release even indicates that Dodgertown is "in a galaxy far far away"...literally!