Thursday, April 01, 2010

Hi From Vma! I am learning! :)

Hi Dodger Fans! It is Vma! I want to give you an update about my first few days with the Blue Babes. I feel it is such a responsibility to cheer for my new sports team (Dodgers) that I must learn about them. I have been using the internet to learn, and I am also learning so much from the other Blue Babes.

They tell me the Dodgers' midfielder Matt Kemp is friends with Rihanna!? And that the goalie Russell Martin (and also one of the former strikers, what a scandal!) used to date Alyssa Milano? I remember watching reruns of Who's the Boss in Stockholm. Now I am living it! It is so exciting living in Los Angeles!

The other Blue Babes are also teaching me about the rules of the game. Hunter seems to know a lot. Did you know there are only nine players on each side? And did you know that when the team is defending, they can use their hands? And not just the goalie, but all the players? In fact you are defending, you can even wear a glove if you want! I guess so it doesn't hurt so much to block the ball with the gloves on.

Ok, that is all for now. Oh, one more thing: this one is me, sitting down:

Go Dodgers! And Go Sweden!



Orel said...

No, no, NO!

rbnlaw said...

Swedish girls: Making English women look bad since 1285.

Uff da!

Greg Hao said...

Hahaha, the midfielder and goalie lines are hilarious.

Delino DeShields, Sr said...

All of you are so thin and pretty.

I used to be too.

But not now.

Orel said...

Cheer up, Darcy!

rbnlaw said...

Is it true Brad Penny wouldn't date Darcy because she was a little "plump?"

Orel said...

pot kettle black!