Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Understanding Chadley

Chad Moriyama at Memories of Kevin Malone has written a thoroughly researched yet accessible analysis of Chad Billingsley's pitching motion. Very smart stuff, especially for those of us who may not have played the game but still appreciate the physical details:

What's Wrong With Chad Billingsley?

photo by Al Behrman/AP


Wesley Vento said...

I heard Kevin Kennedy on mlb radio a week or so ago talk about pitchers wanting to add a cut fastball to their pitch selection and how its tricky b/c its hard to throw correctly. There aren't many pitchers that have Mo's delivery.

Steve Sax said...

Which Chadley are we understanding? Moriyama, or Billingsley?

Fred's Brim said...

interesting article

It's usually something dumb that screws up a guy the way Bills is screwed up now. Usually it's partying too much, or a girlfriend/wife (Jeff Bagwell), but I am wondering if it's a weight issue. Has Billingsley always been at 245 lbs as a player?

Wesley Vento said...

he's always had junk in the trunk