Thursday, April 29, 2010

Major League WAS A LIE!!!

I'm used to movies not being forthright. Virgins don't always survive attacks by machete-wielding madmen. Hookers sometimes have hearts of coal. And that might not even be Nic Cage's real hair. But I always believed in Major League.

Not anymore.

From ESPN: Report says Indians most-hated team

With 27 World Series championships, baseball's highest payroll and some of the most boastful fans in sports, the New York Yankees have to be the team other baseball fans love to hate, right? Wrong. According to a formula created by The Neilsen Company, there are four teams more detested than the Bronx Bombers.

The No. 1 most-disliked team in baseball, according to the formula, is the Cleveland Indians.

The Boston Red Sox, the Yankees' archrival, rank No. 2 on the list. Some of the others making the not-so top 10: Chicago White Sox (No. 7), Baltimore Orioles (No. 8), New York Mets (No. 9) and [YOUR] Los Angeles Dodgers (No. 10).

At least one Indians blogger wasn't surprised by the findings. "I can believe that though," Deep Left Field Indians blogger Ed Carroll told the newspaper. "The team does a lot to alienate its fans."

Maybe I'm over-reacting. At least the portrayal of the management... and Charlie Sheen... was dead-on.

And Cerrano's ascension to the Presidency paved the way for Jesse the Body Ventura and the Governator.


Alex Cora said...

I think the Dodgers need some of that Cerrano magic. Pedro Cerrano: I stick it up for you Jobu. You no help me now...I say fu@k you Jobu. I do it myself.

Greg Finley said...

Man, I watched "24" for years without realizing that Dennis Haysbert was also Pedro Cerrano. Does that make him a versatile actor? Or does it just make me a moron?

karen said...

@Greg If you're a moron I am too. I never made the connection.

Paul said...

"Are you trying to say Jesus Christ couldn't hit a curveball"

that line never gets old.

Josh S. said...

That's All-State, Stan.

(Who the heck is Stan?)

Steve Sax said...

what the hell is major league doing on blu-ray

Delino DeShields, Sr said...

@Sax - Believe it or not, Major League is one of the better filmed baseball movies. Except for the non-romantic scenes in For Love of the Game.

Not saying it's the best baseball movie - clearly that's Little Big League - but the actual baseball filming is quite good.

And Blu-Ray brings you that much closer to Corbin Bernsen!

Jason said...

I always thought Major League was a thinly veiled shot at the (then) LA Rams with the character of Rachel Phelps an obvious stand in for Georgia Frontiere. And Roger Dorn an obvious nod to Chris.. err.. Jim Everett.