Friday, April 16, 2010

Time of Game: 3:42

No symbolism in this picture at all. I mean, why don't they just nail a torch to the wall?

Frank Robinson, Matt Kemp, Don Newcombe and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

"Sweet Lou" Johnson, Tommy Davis and Newcombe.

Kareem throws a highball.

Mr. Miracle. Endre. Mr. Walkoff. Andre Valkoff. Squeethier.

Newcombe honors his idol Jackie in LA (

1-4: Jon SooHoo/Dodgers; 5: Juan Ocampo/Dodgers


Josh S. said...

This was the second consecutive walk-off win on Jackie night.

We really need to pick a nickname for Andre and stick with it, don't we?

Jimbo said...

I like "Mr. Walkoff".

Classic AND classy. The kind you can bring home for dinner.

rbnlaw said...

"Captain Comeback?"
"The Walk-off Kid?"
"Senior Surprise?"

Dodgers remain undefeated on JR Day. I propose MLB designate 110 more JR Days throughout the season.

karen said...

How about "Mr.Clutch"?

rbnlaw said...

There will always be just one "Mr. Clutch."
aka: Zeke from Cabin Creek
aka: The Logo
At least for us old time Laker fans.

Kyle Baker said...

Did anyone notice what happened to Kareem during the pre-game? I noted him asking an attendant something (presumably a restroom or glass of water question) and then disappear. Then the ceremony started, and when Vin called #33's name, he wasn't there. Vin didn't skip a beat and finally when Kareem re-emerged, Vin re-introduced him in a funny sort of way. Methinks the ceremony may not have been planned as tightly as I would have done had I been in charge, but nevertheless it worked and was very moving. I wish more people would be in their seats for these gems.

Kyle Baker said...

I hope to acquire the nickname of "Sweet Lou" when I'm an old man. It's such a fine old man nickname, even if one's name isn't actually Lou.

Josh S. said...

A MoKM reader calls Andre "Blue Mamba". Heh.