Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dios Mio!

In our coverage of the Home Opener, we left out two crucial happenings.

1. The introduction of SPLAT CAM.

On the screen, Tommy Lasorda was about to drop a TV over the side of the stadium. And a trivia question popped up.... WILL IT BREAK OR NOT! (I guessed wrong) Best use of the Diamond Vision since "Heavy Petting Cam."

2. The return of my second favorite local hero besides Nancy Bea... the Don't Stop Believin' Guy. Loyal readers might remember that we (aka ME) scored an exclusive interview with the DSBG himself, Jameson Moss!

The men's room lines were historically slow... but I was able to race over just in time for the all important pointing to the hat.

Not sure why we needed a reminder to keep believing when we were up by several runs, however it's always nice to see Jameson doing his thing. BTW - Jameson's movie "Easy A" has been getting some major buzz in the indie world. Look for it in theaters soon.


Kyle Baker said...

Apparently Moss has not stopped believin' but he has stopped Tweetin'. Haven't seen squat from him in a long time.*

*Josh S credit for finding his Twitter account late last season

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

I missed DSB Guy at the Cleveland Exhibition. He really makes you want to sing and join him.