Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Notes

AP photo


Josh S. said...

Bud would have been a better choice for the Horsemen than Paul Roma. Wooooooooo!!!!

(I'll just leave that reference there for anyone that may get it.)

MR.F said...

That picture never gets old.

Paul said...

I was happy when they resigned furcal because there wasn't much else out there and he showed signs of being great but he is a better 2 or even a 7.

I think not having a real leadoff hitter hurts this team a lot. Especially during offensive slumps like this one.

Paul said...


you are a one man gang today.


No matter how down I get RF makes me smile.

Josh S. said...

Whew! AccuScore says we're still 67% favorites to win last night's game. I was worried.

Kyle Baker said...

Jints just signed Angel Berroa. He will now hit for the cycle when we play them next and win the NL batting title.

Josh S. said...

Shit, with Berroa and Mota on the Giants, Manny might wander into the wrong clubhouse on the next SF trip.

(Note: He might've done that anyway.)