Thursday, April 15, 2010

At-Game Recap: Dodgers vs D'Backs, April 14

Talk about frustration! I couldn't even stay for the whole game because of work the next day. And boy, was it a long day - mostly because I wanted to try to take public transportation. I left my house at 2 pm and arrived at the stadium at 5:30 pm. Thank god for itunes as I was able to watch the classic 80's movie Total Recall all the way up.

I arrived at Union Station about 4:45 pm and there were already a handful of Dodger fans waiting for a ride. There was a METRO worker there saying that a bus wouldn't leave for about another hour, but then noticed that there were enough to fill a bus and called one early. The bus ride took about 20 minutes and I finally made it to the stadium. The bus was clean and there was a nice Dodger logo on the side. I'm sure it doesn't help the McCourt wallet as he loses money on parking, but I hope it helps the environment.

The game was great at the start. It was nice to see the offense purring along. Martin looks like he is out of his funk from last season. Maybe he should be moved up in the lineup. DeHitt wasn't doing much and with Belly hitting that pinch hit double, could there be more 2nd base controversy? Pitching was a different story. Thunder Thighs looked strong at the start, but then he looked like he ran out of gas and started to fall behind batters. Then a call to the bullpen is like a call to the cable company - they may or may not show up at the scheduled time. When Carlos gave up that home run, the crowd just died.

We had to leave early because of work and I arrived at home just in time to see Casey tie up the game (I thought that one was gone). I stayed up watching the game until the end and went to sleep disappointed. How long can we say, "It's still early in the season?" We need to get our pitching act together and fast. Hopefully Kuroda will right the ship. Go Blue!

All Aboard!

The Non McCourt funded bus.

DBags taking BP.

Casey with the pregame interview.

Ten minute delay because second base was loose. Did you bring the duct tape?

I appreciate the staff and all, but come on, do I really want to see this? Man they must be running out of pictures. At lease show some fans.

Yeah game staff worker that can't even see the picture because he has to face the crowd to make sure that you don't run on the field. Yeah!

Don't know if you can see it too well, but Manny fouled one off the light ribbon and broke a block of lights. They stayed purple for the rest of the night.


Josh S. said...

Thanks, Manny. Now we won't have Dodger Dogs at one game this season because Frank needs the money to fix the ribbon board.

MR.F said...

Has it always been written as "Alex"? I thought it was the full "Alex Cora" or "AC" or something. When I saw it was written "by Alex", I was like, who?

berkowit28 said...

Where do you live, that it took you nearly 3 hours to get from home to Union Station? (Sounds like as far as I am, in Santa Barbara.) But I can't figure how you got back in time to see Casey Blake tie it up on TV, if it took you the same amount of time to get home. You would have had to have left the game after about two or three innings. Or how did you get home so much quicker? A mystery...

Betsy said...

Thank you for saying something about the staff photos! I was like wth? if they are going to show them at least write their name and 'position'.

spank said...

Alex Cora = The Green Son.

Steve Sax said...

AC's teleportation powers only work after the eighth inning

Alex Cora said...

Sorry for all of the confusion. First, tis I Alex Cora and will change the name later. Second, although I could have used my teleport powers, I met Mrs. Cora there and drove home with her. More like raced home and made it in thirty minutes. I live in the south bay. Third the bus to the rail in the south bay isn't that reliable and I waited for about 45 minutes before I was actually on some sort of transportation. Go metro!

berkowit28 said...

He got a lift home.

So how much time did that save? Two hours? (Not forgetting that you left in the middle of a game, so didn't have the crush of cars at the end.)

That's why not so many people take the shuttle.

berkowit28 said...

Oops - I didn't refresh, so I didn't see AC's answer before I wrote my last.

OK, all explained!