Thursday, April 01, 2010


Hello all you Dodger fans. Just a little note to let you know who I am. First I am so honored to be a part of the inaugural Dodger Blue Babes. I have trained so hard for this and when they called to invite me to the try out, I was so excited. I am originally from Los Angeles and growing up I did a TON of beauty pageants. When my mom couldn't take me to them, I rode my bike and took the bus. I won every single one I entered and am so proud to be the Little Miss San Dimas. My talent portion consisted of a nice little dance routine which always wowed the judges.

Getting older, I realized that I was a pretty good dancer and kept at it - learning new routines and tricks. Now I train 6 hours a day with a professional choreographer and strength coach. Then I eat only white meat chicken and eggs without the yolk. At night, I like to unwind by stretching and doing yoga. I do this everyday so that I can bring all of the Dodger fans the best of my abilities. So hello from me and I can't wait to start!


Greg Hao said...

What's with the lack of separate paragraphs. It's tough on the eyes. (and yes, I know what today is.)

Alex Cora said...

Sorry Greg. I like to dance so much that I don't have time for the editing. Maybe I will ask one of the other girls if they can help me out. They probably have the time because I don't think they train as hard as I do.

Orel said...

Now there's a girl dedicated to her art. (Except for that training comment, which I'll let slide.)

rbnlaw said...

Hey Hunter,
Kim said you're fat.

MeanieBreanie said...

Oh Kim, I so feel for you. All that holy hell you went through to get your lucky break as a blue ball. I’ve always heard life in LA can be very tough on a girl. You should come to Texas. We are much kinder and gentler. I never was primed for beauty contests. I ate and drank and partied like a wild woman. In fact, my partying skills got me an invitation to be a Miller Girl. That was quite an honor for someone who doesn’t care for beer too much. Then I received an invitation to try out for the Dallas Cowboy’s Cheerleading squad. That was back in the day when it was actually prestigious to be one. I didn’t go for it because I didn’t think my boobs were big enough. Wouldn’t you know I would be a late bloomer. Once my window of opportunity passed the good lord changed my mosquito bites to grapefruits. Who knows what other good fortune could have come my way. Oh well, what’s a girl to do?.

I’m so proud to see you that you aspire to better yourself and possess such high goals. You’re a real credit to women everywhere. Good luck to you and the rest of the blue balls.