Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Good News For "Don't Stop Believing" Fans

Last week I got the chance to see the upcoming movie, The Losers. Since it was based on a DC Comics / Vertigo comic book, I was hoping for a movie that would stay true to the twisted storyline, sarcastic dialogue, and frenetic pacing of the original* Andy Diggle / Jock series. And I was also hoping for a movie that would get the depressing, unfulfilled taste of Watchmen out of my mind.

The Losers was great; a fun slam-bang ride of a movie filled with explosions and interesting characters and a largely preposterous storyline. Future Captain America Chris Evans does a great, scene-stealing job as Jensen; Zoe Saldana is captivating and hypnotic as Aisha; and Jeffrey Dean Morgan atones for his sins potraying The Comedian in Watchmen, now as Clay in The Losers.

But wait, Dodger fans, there's more! For those of you looking to get your Journey fix, not yet satiated by hearing it only once each home game--"Don't Stop Believing" plays a key role in both the story as well as rolls over the credits (with end sequences that make heavy reference to Jock's distinctive art style, just as most of the movie's key art has done). So enjoy The Losers, Dodger fans, and Don't Stop Believing.

The Losers opens April 23.

(*) I'm referring to the original Vertigo series, not the older DC Comics war comic from which the Vertigo series derived.


Josh S. said...

I'm jealous. I haven't read the book, but the movie looks so fun.

Steve Sax said...

Josh S, I think you could stop by Golden Apple en route to the stadium, and pick up a copy of the trade...

Kathy Rogers said...

I hate that song and I want it to go away. I'd be willing to keep it only if they get rid of "God Bless America" instead.

And I'm going to keep complaining about it until they quit it or I'm dead.