Monday, April 19, 2010

Kung Fu Panda Gives Homage to Adrian Beltre

Via a ping from SoSG Alex Cora, check out this unappetizing story about the Giants' Pablo Sandoval's discarded cup:

In the bottom of the 12th inning Friday, with Eli Whiteside at the plate and Sandoval dancing off 3rd base with the possible winning run, it hit me.

Panda’s athletic cup.

In the head.

In 25 years of photographing baseball, that was the first, and please, last time that’s ever happened.

I had been shooting from the photo well next to the Giants dugout on the 3rd baseline when Sandoval was running the bags during the Giants’ comeback. He seemed uncomfortable though, and started fussing with his belt when he got to 3rd.

After I turned my attention back to home plate to shoot the batter, something hits me in the head.

Nearby fans gasped, and then groaned.

The Panda’s cup is sitting untouched behind me in full radioactive glory.

Mercifully, trainer Dave Groeschner comes over wearing Sandoval’s glove, and retrieves the offending blue projectile.

Glad I was wearing a hat.

At least we know that, if Sandoval ever eats his way out of baseball, he can always pick up a job in (small) package delivery.

By the way, I can't believe that poor photographer didn't throw back an order of garlic fries.


Josh S. said...

"By the way, I can't believe that poor photographer didn't throw back an order of garlic fries."

He didn't need to. Pablo has an order of fries in each pocket at all times.

Josh S. said...

In other news, the dodgers apparently didn't play any baseball during the first two weeks of the season.

Look, I know the Dodgers' 6-6 record is nothing to write home about, but there have been two of the now-patented "Hollywood endings". You could mention that. Or you could mention Haeger's crazy strikeouts in Florida. Hell, you could even mention how godawful the bullpen has been. (On second thought, don't mention that.)

And they can bite me with that Lincecum Silver Slugger thing.

Josh S. said...

Damn. Missed a capital D.

Kyle Baker said...

The article even talked about the Orioles, for Vin's sake. And we couldn't get a mention?