Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Game 55 vs. D'backs, June 3: Post-Game Quotes


  • On Jonathan Broxton: "It's good when you got that big guy coming in. I hate to put the moniker automatic on somebody, because this game will humble you, but this kid has come in there with great stuff just about every time."
  • On another tough victory: "It's just about the personality of this club. This is so important to be able to win games that are well-pitched by the other team. When you go to the post-season, and that's obviously our goal, you're going to face the best. And you're going to have to learn to manufacture and take little things and not give anything away, and that was pretty much what happened tonight."
  • On squeakers: "We've played a lot of close games. We've played a lot of one-run games, two-run games. It's not good for my stomach, but it's good practice because these guys have been able to rise to the occasion defensively. Belisario, to come in and do what he did, and Troncoso for the second time in just a few days, to come in there and get big outs in a situation where he gets the ground ball with first and third with one out, and to be able to get out of that eighth inning."
  • On Jon Garland vs. Chad Billingsley: "Usually the opposing pitcher will let you know if you're going to hit home runs or not, and Garland I thought had great stuff. I thought he had great command. Our guy Billingsley was fighting it all night, and we were able to just hang with it. And that's what Billingsley allowed us to do and our defense held a one-run lead."
  • On James Loney: "To be able to get that triple was so huge, especially leading off an inning, and then you had the middle of the order coming up and Casey Blake seems to know what to do in that situation."
  • More on Loney: "He's got ice water in his veins, this kid. He handles situations very well and I'm just glad he's on my side."
  • On Clayton Kershaw (vs. Cole Hamels tomorrow): "He's pitching against the Phillies, not pitching against the pitcher. He's going to face him, I'm sure, but it's still about pitching against the team. Obviously he's had plenty of rest. We'll know in the first few innings with him, because he has a tendency to want to break the door down. But he's certainly learning as he's going along and I feel good about his confidence right now and hopefully we can get him a few runs. We've been a little stingy as far as giving our pitchers any kind of relaxation out there."
  • More on Billingsley: "The fact that he was able to hold it in and, more importantly, not with his best stuff. His stuff was good, but he wasn't able to command it. His breaking ball wasn't as consistent as it's been. I left him out there in Chicago to win it or lose it himself, and he fought his way back from a 3-0 count and the bases loaded, even though he gave up the sacrifice fly. He's earned a lot of trust here in a short period of time."
  • On pitching deep into a game: "To me the middle reliever is lost in this whole scenario of gaining credit, but right now everything's working real well. Ideally you want your starter to go seven innings, but that hasn't been the case yet, and I anticipate that we'll probably get more of that in the second half."
  • SoSG EXCLUSIVE! On Andre Ethier getting caught stealing second in the sixth inning: "That was a hit-and-run. The pitch was in the dirt."


  • On Garland: "You see him going out there and having good innings and he's putting up zeroes too. And I have to do the same."
  • On getting little run support: "It's nothing I can control. I'm going out there and I have to pitch my game, and that's the only thing I can control. Their pitcher was throwing great too so I have to go out there and answer back. It was a little pitchers' duel, a 1-0 game."
  • On the bullpen: "Broxton, unbelievable. Same as Troncoso and Belisario. Those guys have been throwing pretty well this season. They came in, held the lead and we got the W."

Bonus sighting: Randy Wolf was wearing a Star Wars T-shirt after the game!

UPDATE: Closed out the press box tonight! Let's hear it for no deadlines!


Anonymous said...

Do you guys know the name of Russell Martin, James Loney, and Juan Pierres at bat songs?

PenosCabell said...

Great work Orel.

Clayton will have to give a great performance tonight. Maybe the Dodgers can score some early runs. It's gonna be tough against Hamels.

Randy Wolf was wearing a Star Wars shirt? He's a geek like the rest of us?

Booger said...


I love when you get a chance to sit in the press box. all the information you provide is golden!!!!!

Lucky Bast&&d!!!

Fred's Brim said...

that's awesome, Orel! how many hotdogs did you put back?

Orel said...

"Do you guys know the name of Russell Martin, James Loney, and Juan Pierres at bat songs?"

I don't, but maybe some of our hipper readers can help you out.

Orel said...

"that's awesome, Orel! how many hotdogs did you put back?"

Can you believe only one? My multiple-dog days are behind me. (Exception made for post-season games.)

Neeebs (The Original) said...

Orel: How can you eat just one dodger dog when you have two hands?

Steve Sax said...

Orel, I think if you work at it, you can get back to your multiple-dog fighting strength.

Trolley Dodger said...

My turn tonight! Can't wait to get out to the park.

Falling LEAVes said...

James Loney
All the Above by Maino

Russell Martin (just changed it back)
Touch the Sky by Kanye West

Juan Pierre
God in Me by Mary Mary

I want to see the picture of Randy in the Star Wars shirt!!! I knew he was a big fan since I once saw pictures of his place somewhere on the web (it was up for sale) and he had a clone trooper in the pool table room