Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Post-Game 55 Thread: Lonely Loney


James Loney is the offensive hero for the second straight night, legging out a triple in the sixth inning that, upon watching the highlight reel, was almost as painful watching as it must have been running. Free James Loney was visibly heaving and gasping on his triple; then, when Casey Blake sacrificed him in, one could see Loney giving it all he had to tag and score the game's only run.

Chad Billingsley goes six frames and strikes out nine, and Jonathan Broxton tallies his 13th save, as the Dodgers take the series victory with the win tonight. The box score looks like a trip to binary land--no Dodger got more than one hit, and only Stephen Drew had multiple hits for the Snakes (seven hits in total, to the Dodgers' five). We'll need more than that for the four games against Philadelphia. But for now, we'll take it!


PenosCabell said...

Loney's the hero again.

He's slow and weak, but he's getting it done. Get him a gym membership. He needs some time on the treadmill and on the benchpress.

Orel said...

Loney was working out after the game.