Thursday, June 25, 2009

More Parking Lot Scuffles...In Anaheim

Hey look, it's not just Dodger Stadium that has packs of crazy fans looking to rumble; Angel Stadium's got them, too!

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- An off-duty police officer shot and wounded two men who had assaulted him in the crowded Angel Stadium parking lot after Wednesday night's Colorado Rockies-Los Angeles Angels game, authorities said.

The officer, who was walking to his car with his wife and two small children about 25 minutes after the game, was hit in the head with a bottle or club, police Sgt. Tim Schmidt said.

"We think he was the victim of a crime," Schmidt said.

The off-duty officer then shot the men with his duty weapon, Schmidt said. Police did not immediately identify the officer or the shooting victims.

One man was shot in the head and was in critical condition, the other was shot in the upper arm and in serious but stable condition. The officer also had a serious head wound. All three were taken to hospitals.


rbnlaw said...

I was at the game last night (my good friend threw out the first pitch) and sat in field level by the right field foul pole (I heckled Brad Hawpe all game long. . .I think it helped the Angels). I even parked near the site of this incident. Left before anything happened, though.

I will say this about Angel crowds; they are the most subdued bunch in Southern California baseball. It's no wonder they use fireworks and fountains to celebrate home runs. I'll take the screaming pandemonium during the games and relative safety of the Dodger Stadium parking lot any day.

Steve Sax said...

Angels fans might be subdued, but in SF they won't even applaud for fear they'll spill their Chardonnays.

NicJ said...

SF fans have a reason to cheer? When did that happen?!