Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mr. Walkoff

Andre Ethier's previous walkoff heroics this season:

June 6:
Post-Game 58 Thread: We Are All Ethierholics
More Game-Winning Goodness

June 5:
Post-Game 57 Thread: Doubling with 'Dre
More Walkoff Goodness

May 2:
Post-Game 25 Thread: Walkoff Wonderland

photos 1 & 5: Mark Avery/AP; photo 3: Juan Ocampo/Dodgers


Josh S. said...

He's secretly Russian: Andrei Walkoff.

Josh S. said...

Or, as they said on the Dodger Blues board: Dreja Vu.

Steve Sax said...

"Ticklish! I'm ticklish, dammit! Quit it, guys, or I'm not saving your bacon any more times this year."

Fernando said...

My "Walk Hard" photoshop would've gone perfectly with this post.

Fred's Brim said...

Did Joe give him the goumba cheek pat after? TV seemed to cut away too soon for me to catch it