Saturday, June 27, 2009

Blake Interviews Ethier

Kudos to Jeanne Zelasko for thinking on her feet when she had both Casey Blake and Andre Ethier in front of her on live (or at least one-take) television. Instead of talking to one player while ignoring the other, she included both:

Zelasko: Here's Andre Ethier. Come on, come on. Don't be afraid, he's a nice guy. [to Blake] Do you want to do the interviewing or should I move on?

Blake: Well...yeah, I'll do it. Andre, you have basically no homers on the road, all at home. Can you explain that?

Ethier: I guess it's just a comfortable feeling here playing at home and [a matter of] going out there and concentrating enough on the road to put a good swing on the ball. I better pick it up and if I do, I can have a lot more better numbers than I do right now.

Zelasko: Do you have a follow-up?

Blake: I think he saw me catching up to him in homers so he had to do something about it.

Zelasko: Do you have a response to that? Is the challenge on?

Ethier: It's good camaraderie amongst the teammates to have a race amongst each other. I did see him catching up and overtaking me, I think, for a little bit so I had to put the pressure back on him and go ahead.

Zelasko: Career night, but maybe you need to learn a thing or two about a curtain call. Because they were calling you back out here, so take another curtain call right now. Gentlemen, thank you so very much. This is where you thank him.

Blake: What's that?

Zelasko: This is where you thank him.

Blake: Oh yeah. Thanks, E.

Zelasko: We're done with our interview. Congratulations.

Ethier: Thank you.


NicJ said...

Kind of like last year, manny translated a post game interview for angel berroa only to find out at the end that angel knew English the whole time. Funny stuff.

Orel said...

Manny "Translating" for Angel Berroa (SoSG)