Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Oscars Just Got More Oscary

From Jon Weisman at Dodger Thoughts:

Breaking News:

There will be 10 best picture nominations at the Oscars next year. [...]

From the release:

Beverly Hills, CA — The 82nd Academy Awards, which will be presented on March 7, 2010, will have 10 feature films vying in the Best Picture category, Academy Motion Picture Arts and Sciences President Sid Ganis announced today (June 24) at a press conference in Beverly Hills.

“After more than six decades, the Academy is returning to some of its earlier roots, when a wider field competed for the top award of the year,” said Ganis. “The final outcome, of course, will be the same – one Best Picture winner – but the race to the finish line will feature 10, not just five, great movies from 2009.”

For more than a decade during the Academy’s earlier years, the Best Picture category welcomed more than five films; for nine years there were 10 nominees. The 16th Academy Awards (1943) was the last year to include a field of that size; “Casablanca” was named Best Picture. (In 1931/32, there were eight nominees and in 1934 and 1935 there were 12 nominees.)

I have trouble enough getting around to seeing all five Best Picture nominees, so I guess I can forget trying to see all ten of them by next year. On the other hand, if this improves the chances that Up receives an Best Picture nomination, I'm all for it.


Josh S. said...

Yeah, if they have ten nominees, and Pixar still gets shut out, then you might as well throw out the whole thing.

MR.F said...

Speaking of movies, details of the Moneyball movie script (the first one) have emerged:

All I have to say is, this movie must be made!

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

More movies that the Academy can claim are better than The Dark Knight.

midnightdrive said...

A lot more douchey independent picks this year then.