Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Will Manny's Penance Bring the Dodgers Pennants?

Manny Ramirez is done with rehab. (His final line: 3-for-10, 1 HR, 2R). When asked if he wanted to comment after last night's game, Manny replied, "No thank you. Go to YouTube." So I went to YouTube, but didn't have enough time to look around — there's like a hundred videos at that site. It made me wonder, is "Go to YouTube" the new "Go to hell"?

Anyway, it looks like Dodger fans aren't going to get a dedicated apology from Manny, and judging by the warm receptions he received in Albuquerque, Lake Elsinore and San Bernardino, it isn't necessary. Mercurial sluggers and laid-back fans are made for each other. As Jon Weisman at Dodger Thoughts puts it, "[A] lot of us were upset over Manny, but a lot of us got over it over the past seven weeks."

Manny returns to major-league action on July 3, but fans at Dodger Stadium won't get to cheer him until July 16*. Manny's warm welcome should continue as long as he does two things: (1) acknowledge the fans (we're hearing so many instances of Manny not signing autographs, but the photo above shows he's making some effort) and (2) produce at the plate. That's it. Win and you're in. The rest will be history.

*SoSG Delino will be covering Manny's homecoming from the press box. Look for it!

photo by Jon SooHoo/Dodgers


QuadSevens said...

"Produce at the plate" is exactly what I'm hoping to see Manny do on friday in San Diego. I'm heading down for that game and I'm expecting to see a lot of Dodger blue in the Gaslamp District. I'll try to take a few pictures and email them in to you guys.

Wesley Vento said...

I'll be at Petco on the 4th for the game with some of my Dodger brethren. If I can hold the camera steady enough to take some pics, I'll try to email them in as well.

My thought is this: I was really pissed off on May 7th. Royally pissed. Henry the 8th, chop off someone's head pissed. Time has healed that wound, but Manny has ceased to be some iconic-type player. He's just like Bonds now, only Manny actually acknowledged his cheating and paid the penalty. Barry was just a dick about it, and that's why nobody outside the 415 pays him any respect. Just win baby! That's all that matters.

Fred's Brim said...

Gonna see him at the games at New Shea! Should be plenty of boos there, but I will cheer for him

The only thing I am still mad about (and it isnt much compared to Suspension Day) is that if he comes back and leads us to a title, there will always be that cloud over it. maybe it will only be a fog or haze, but it will be there. But that seems a lot less so now considering we did very well without him in the lineup. People cant say we are a (steroid using) one-man team

NicJ said...

I will be at petco on the 4th as well, who can pass up a "Beat LA" beach towel. Oh, and seeing that manny guy back will be nice too.

karina said...

The only apology we need is his bat. If he does well, it'll be proof maybe steroids make you bigger, faster and stronger, but those benefits are worthless if there is not real talent.

It'd be good for Manny, the Dodgers and professional baseball. Let's get over this steroids era, please.

fernando44 said...
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fernando44 said...

Anyone know what the Dogers are going to do with Pierre when Manny comes back ? They appear set in the OF.