Thursday, June 25, 2009

Nationals 1, Red Sox 0

Via Big League Stew:

Red Sox fan goes on Nationals message board for DC bar recommendation. Annoyed Nats fans send Sox fans to area gay bar. Sox fan doesn't notice until one drink in. Hilarity ensues. [ via Federal Baseball]

The highlights?

You Nationals fans are pretty funny. I went to Remington's yesterday only to find out that it is a bar only for guys if you catch my drift. I pounded my drink and got out as fast as I could. On the way out I was fortunate enough to get Adam Dunn's and Ryan Zimmermans autograph a they were there getting something to eat for the game. lol (last part is obviously false) Good luck in the next two games.

There's a good-natured fellow. The response, not so much:

Seriously, what did you expect when you come to our city, to our board, and to our town to root against our team? With all due respect, you may be a professor, but you don't appear to be the sharpest tool in the shed.

Bravo, Nats fans. Well played.

UPDATE: Overreaction? (Robots Took My Medicine)


Erin said...

My first reaction was to laugh about this. But then the gay rights activist in me was like, "Okay, so he was sent to a gay bar. So what?" And the guy had to get out of there as fast as he could, I guess just in case he was raped or something. Those gay boys just can't keep it in their pants, am I right?

I guess my issue just lies in the idea that the worst possible punishment the Nats fans could think of for this guy would be to send him to a gay bar. And as long as this is the prevailing mindset, I'll continue to have an uphill battle.

Not to make this political or anything. Well, okay, kind of.

MR.F said...

I don't mean or plan to start a discussion on this here, and maybe it's just easy for me (a straight male) to say, but it doesn't seem that... bad.

I doubt he was afraid of getting raped. Likely just embarrassed.

The joke does play on homophobia (and the guy seemed to have some), and that mindset does indicate the uphill battle. But, to me, it doesn't feel much more than the kind of politically incorrect practical joke that guys do to each other. As far as how bad the punishment is, how many kinds of bars are there?

Hopefully I'm not making this too political or anything...

Erin said...

I was mostly joking about the rape thing. It was just the way the guy had to make sure everyone knew he didn't stick around in the bar.

I don't want to stop people from having fun. I just feel anything that makes being gay a bad thing just causes more problems. Some say we shouldn't make a big deal about people using the word "gay" to mean stupid or wrong, but that sort of thing, which seems so innocent, is what leads to a general acceptance that to be gay means to be somehow imperfect or flawed.

Anyway, I should just write a post on my own blog about this, instead of taking up valuable SoSG space. I think I will. :)

midnightdrive said...

Wait, there's Nationals fans out there?

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

Since when did Nats fans become so die-hard? They've been there for five years, they're not the Yankees, they shouldn't act like it.

Steve Sax said...

Wait, there's Red Sox fans over 21?

Bryan said...

apparently, nationals fans have never heard of the x-men.

Onlineshoppinginnigerien said...
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