Sunday, June 21, 2009

Vin Scully, on the Dreaded Beach Ball

Vin Scully, during the third inning of last night's telecast:

Time called. The dreaded beach ball has shown up on the track in right field.

So Jeff Mathis will use the time and go out to talk to Jered Weaver.

Jered Weaver, as a kid — Mike Butcher, the pitching coach, watching. Remember three years ago, Jered opened up his major league career and went nine-and-oh, tying the American League rookie record for a starting pitcher set by the great Whitey Ford of the Yankees back in 1950.

All right, Jered bends at the knees and — wait, that's a joke. There's two, three beach balls.

I've always been amazed — I remember we were so thrilled just to go to a ballgame — but how people can make plans.

"Let's go to the ballgame."

"Yeah, do you have your beach ball?"

Well, they do.

All right, now we're ready, two balls and no strikes the count....

And from the fifth inning:

Time. And Mathis going out to the mound. Interesting now, every time the plate umpire orders time, I look for a beach ball. I mean, it's automatic. It's crazy.


Erin said...

I feel like the first comment is the closest I've ever heard Vin get to sarcasm. It was pretty awesome to hear him agree with those of us who think beach balls are a ridiculous thing to bring to a baseball game.

Matt said...

I'm glad I am not the only one who would purposely hit the balls to the lower decks.

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

You could also take them and deflate them. Too bad a beachball never comes my way so I can do that.

Mama said...

I enjoy getting booed for hitting the balls to the lower decks. It's baseball, not beach volleyball.