Saturday, June 20, 2009

San Francisco Wine Connoisseurs Hoist White Flag

Given its store in Hollywood, I've become familiar with K&L Wine Merchants, based out of Redwood City up north. They also publish a newsletter about hot wines each month for its club members.

From the K&L Wine Merchants' Wine Club Newsletter, May 2009:

Every year right after Easter, I get an extreme case of Spring Fever. I just need to be outside as much as possible, soaking up the sun and being active. Usually it includes a few baseball games, although this year the Giants are so bad I think I'll spend more time in beautiful Golden Gate Park than the friendly confines of AT&T Park. Thankfully, our wine club selections this month are performing much better than my beloved Giants. They're guaranteed to be no-doubt-about-it home runs at your next dinner or function.

And that's from a local fan. Maybe K&L should move to Los Angeles, where winning wines can be sipped in front of winning teams?


berkowit28 said...

Nobody likes hot wines. Cool wines, maybe.