Sunday, June 28, 2009

Miracle on Grass Put on Ice

Oh well. It was exciting while the possibility lasted.

After being, for all practical intents and purposes, eliminated in Group play, Team USA made the most of a new lease on life by dropping current FIFA #1 and defending EuroCup Champions Spain in the Confederations Cup semifinals. That was a minor miracle. But then, in the final, they found themselves leading perennial soccer superpower Brazil 2-0 at the half. They stood 45 minutes away from a major miracle.

But then Brazil showed why they're, well, Brazil. They poured in four - yes, four - goals in the second half to beat the US 3-2 and win the game and the championship. So, while Team USA should be happy with their overall results, they also showed they have some work to do before they can join the world's elite teams.

So congratulations Brazil for winning your 2nd consecutive Confederation Cup. And congratulations Team USA for breaking Spain's 35-game unbeaten streak. And congratulations me for breaking Orel's 16-consecutive post streak.


Orel said...

Nice pic. Four goals?

berkowit28 said...

If Brazil got four goals, how come the final score was 3-2?

NicJ said...

there was a shot on goal that clearly went in before the goalkeeper batted the ball back out, the refs ruled it out but it was clearly in.

Eric Karros said...

Yeah the Brazilians were pretty clearly cheated out of that goal. In a way it's good Brazil scored a 4th one, or else, had the US ended up winning, their historic victory would have had an asterisk of sorts.