Friday, June 19, 2009

Breaking News from Gary Miller

Quick news from SoSG Alex Cora, who just was talking with Gary Miller of the Dodgers Live pre-game show on Channel 9:

  • James McDonald has been called back up, based on a great run in his latest AAA stint;
  • Shawn Estes retired today.

More to come shortly!


Orel said...

Diamond is saying Estes may not be retiring. Good news about McDonald, though!

Steve Sax said...

Sorry, I guess this isn't breaking news...Gary told AC it was a scoop. Oh, well.

NicJ said...

Jmac has been filthy in his last two starts in AAA 14ip. 1er. 23so. Hopefully he can bring that confidence to the pen.

Alex Cora said...

Nic J that was exactly what Miller was saying too - JMac was awesome in AAA.