Friday, June 26, 2009

You Can, However, Chase Drug Suppliers

Manny Ramirez's last game with the Albuquerque Isotopes was under a cloud, both literally (it was wet) and figuratively (as the Drug Enforcement Agency, with the cooperation of MLB, is chasing the doctors who prescribed Manny PEDs). Indeed, Pedro Bosch is under quite a lens:

As Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Manny Ramirez nears the end of his 50-game suspension, Drug Enforcement Administration investigators are looking at a Miami doctor and his son as the source of his banned performance-enhancing drug, sources familiar with the investigation told ESPN.

Major League Baseball officials, when contacted, confirmed the existence of the federal investigation.

"We're aware of the investigation and our department of investigations is cooperating with the DEA," MLB president Bob DuPuy said Thursday afternoon. He declined to answer any other questions.

Investigators believe the prescription for human chorionic gonadotropin, known as hCG, was written by Pedro Publio Bosch, 71, a physician who has practiced family medicine in Florida since 1976. His son, Anthony Bosch, 45, is believed to have worked as a contact between his father and Ramirez. It's unclear how far along the DEA is in its inquiry but sources indicated that investigators want to know whether either man ever procured improper or illegal prescriptions for other people. DEA officials could not immediately be reached for comment.

Pedro Bosch practices in a medical building located across the street from Coral Gables Hospital in Coral Gables, southwest of Miami.

Bosch, through his attorney, declined to comment. Anthony Bosch could not be reached for comment.

And who else declined to comment? Manny, who preferred not to answer reporters surrounding the Albuquerque game:

The Los Angeles Dodgers slugger made himself scarce in the clubhouse and didn't talk to reporters as he came out for warmups for his final game with the Triple-A Albuquerque Isotopes on Thursday night.

Later, with the start of the contest delayed by rain, Ramirez wore street clothes when he walked through a back door of the clubhouse, stepped into a sedan with an associate, Rico Perdomo, and a Dodgers' security official and drove away.

Asked if he would stop for an interview, Ramirez replied: "No, thank you, sir."

Heavy rains hit the ballpark, and the Dodgers made the decision not to suit up Ramirez due to weather and field conditions. The game against Nashville began almost an hour after the scheduled 7:05 start.

I'm sure this cloud will follow him to his next minor league rehab stint. Get ready.


Chappy said...

Did anyone really think the sports media would really let him return to baseball without stirring up some controversy?

Dude's past is unfortunately now part of the Dodger's present.

Josh S. said...

Update on that elusive 10th win for an NL pitcher:

-Matt Cain could get it today. (Ugh.)
-While Bills was busy failing to get it twice, Johan Santana and Jason Marquis each picked up their ninth.
-If Matt Cain fails today (*crosses fingers*), Santana, Marquis. and Bills are all pitching on Tuesday.
-Bills and Marquis are facing each other on Tuesday.
-Marquis could have had his 10th already, but failed against the Angels. So, the Bills getting it first thing was almost moot.

But hey, as long as they all stay tied at 9, Bills stays at the top, thanks to the alphabet. (Until Aaron A. Aaronson picks up his ninth win.)

Josh S. said...

I really need my own blog for stuff like this. Sorry to clog the comments.

rbnlaw said...

Marquis looked awful against the Angels. They lit him for 6 in the first 2 innings. I asked Brad Hawpe for his comments several times during the game (I was about 50 feet away). He denied my requests.

On the subject of drug pushing doctors; I agree with MLASF in the Manny pre-game thread. Why are we spending so much time going after doctors who prescribe synthetic testosterone to athletes? Because they're easier to catch than "drug lords," meth labs, and Northern California pot farmers.

I love grandstanding politicos and their minions.

Linis said...

Manny deserves this heat. I guess the chronic he inhales every minute during his off-time is not enough...he had to go and do chic drugs. Another example of a high paid thug cheating to enhance his performance...You're washed up Manolo! Pass the dutchie scrub...