Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What Jayson Werth Did After the Game

Went to the mall.

Hit the library.

Walked his pet ducks.

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Fred's Brim said...

Luckily i missed this. Was it as bad at the time as it seems now?
It's time to wake up and play real baseball. Shite like this doesn't happen to good baseball teams.

Steve Sax said...

The sad thing is, I never even thought Werth was that fast, or agile, when he was with the Dodgers.

Nostradamus said...


Didn't Werth have a chronic case of boneitis for most of his tenure with the Dodgers? I seem to remember him running into things quite a bit

Fred's Brim said...

he's scrappy, just like those Phightin' Phils!
Lord I dislike them a lot.
The Giants of course are always there on the dislike list, but other teams jump above them depending on the situation. The Fillies are always close (as are the Reds) and they made the leap to the top last season, and are still there now.

rbnlaw said...

Mr. C is right.
Werth was awesome to watch in his full season with the team (2005?), but kept breaking things and running into teammates ala Jason Repko (and I think they were actually in the same line-up for a while).