Monday, March 23, 2009

Diamond Back

Baseball bloggers rejoice! Diamond Leung has started a blog, Diamond Notes:

Two weeks after losing my job as Dodgers beat writer, I was back at the stadium to catch up with old friends that I won’t get see as much of in the future.

I’ll still be writing, at least on this blog. But I’m moving home to San Francisco.

It’s been overwhelming to hear from people in the industry - and especially the readers. It gives me great hope that there is a future in a business I still believe in. I’m not sure what’s next for me, but I’ll always remember the kind words.

Welcome back, Diamond! We've updated our sidebar links for what's sure to be another daily read.


Steve Sax said...

Beautiful headline, Orel

cigarcow said...

Ooo, how about "Blood Diamond" to indicate the turmoil.

Am I #1 yet?

Orel said...

Yes you are!