Tuesday, May 12, 2009

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Some of the best writing about the Manny situation I've read, from the blog of Kansas City Star sports columnist Joe Posnanski:

So, I have to admit … I did not reach the level of rage that so many people seemed to reach over the drug suspension of Manny Ramirez. [...]

Because, hey, I am not saying that anger is wrong. Manny Ramirez did cheat. He did take a banned substance. He did betray his fans and he did embarrass his team and he did make us all look at his great numbers in a whole new way. And, no, I don’t buy that it was an innocent mistake, and I don't buy that it was a misunderstanding, and, sure, as a fan, as an analyst, as a teammate, I can see being angry about the whole thing. I can see tearing into MannyBManny.

But … I just don't know where this sort of rage comes from after all this time. I mean, we've been through McGwire, through Giambi, through Bonds, through Caminiti, through Clemens, through Sheffield, through two Canseco books, through the Mitchell Report, through Balco and through A-Rod story after A-Rod story. We've been talking about this thing for years and year years; it has been inescapable, and it has overshadowed the game, and it has filled our newspapers with boring stories about boring people making boring excuses and other boring people making boring charges. We have endured the worst home run chase ever — the Barry Freak Show. We have watched TWO absurd Congressional circus acts. How many times can we get enraged? Are we just endlessly raw on this subject? Are we simply chasing the killer again and again as if it’s brand new, like the guy in "Memento?"

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gCHOW said...

enough of this manny talk. let's embrace the new man in left field.


QuadSevens said...

After the game on Sunday, I was walking through the parking lot and saw some people wearing shirts that said "JUANYWOOD."

Chappy said...

This guy is right. Is this a new situation to be outraged over?

Nope it's just the Dodgers this time so it hit home.

I feel better already and only 46 more games to go including tonight!

Steve Sax said...

Another great quote from the Joe Po piece is his quote from Bill James:

My friend Bill James is probably the most thoughtful person I know, and he wrote one of the strongest and most sensible paragraphs on this subject I have read: “You give me the opportunity to earn $22 million a year by taking steroids, I’ll shoot the pharmacist if I have to. I’m not saying it’s right. I’m not saying I shouldn’t be punished for shooting the pharmacist. I am saying it is self-righteous to pretend that I don’t have the same human failings that these guys do, and further, if you are insisting that you don’t have them, I don’t believe you.”

gCHOW said...

this topic is going to be argued back and forth for eternity but i'll take a stab at it anyway...

i dont understand what the big deal is here. yes, its a steroid. but how is that any different than taking advil for the pain or glucosamine for your joints? i understand the detrimental health effects involved with steroids but if used correctly and sparingly with the supervision of a doctor it is safe and very rewarding.

i guess the argument is always going to be what about fairness in the league? no such thing my naive friend. you think a person playing for the pirates gets the same strength and conditioning coach as the guy that plays for the yankees?

what about history? what about it? you think babe and mickey mantle had the same training and diet regiments as players today? not even close!

i guess the point of my rant is similar to what most people are saying. no, its not right because it is against the rules but if you're gonna pay a man $22million a year to hit the ball outta the park you better expect him to do all that he can do to hit that ball and last the entire season.

LLCoolL said...

Did you type the whole thing backwards or did you use some computer trickery to do it?

Orel said...

I may have a lot of free time on my hands, but not that much.

StolenMonkey86 said...

Wow, you found a way to make the headline say "poop"

Orel said...

Heh heh, I noticed that too.