Thursday, May 07, 2009

Puzzle Note

Hi folks. Just a quick note outlining upcoming off-day puzzles:

  • Mon, May 11 - Puzzle #3 (Karros)
  • Thurs, May 21 - Puzzle #4 (Sax)
  • Mon, June 8 - Puzzle #5 (Jose). Yup, as his prize for winning Season I, Jose won the opportunity to create his own puzzle. So if you already have Sax and I figured out, this is your opportunity to see what the mind of the master can come up with. And Jose, don't worry - you won't be penalized PCS Points-wise for sitting this one out. You'll be given the average score of your previous six puzzles (last season's 130-point finale will be scaled down to 100 points).
  • Thurs, June 11 - Puzzle #6 (Karros)
  • Mon, June 15 - Puzzle #7 (Sax)

And regarding puzzle prizes - there are a total of 18 off-days puzzles this season, so in addition to the season finale prize, there will be additional prizes awarded throughout the season to ensure that every puzzle counts.

Not familiar with SoSG's puzzle competition? Read up here. And join the fun!


QuadSevens said...

I'm expecting Jose's puzzle to be tough!