Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Manny Ramirez Is...The Most Interesting Man in the World

Occasionally, while dusting off servers and optimizing routers here at SoSG Worldwide Headquarters, I'll log on to the Bat-computer and take a look at where some of our traffic is coming from. Yesterday I noticed some hits from a site called Manny Ramirez Facts. I had never heard of them, and as far as I know they've never contacted us.

The flavor of MRF can be summed up in this sentence from the site:

Our ability to see Manny is therefore not due to reflected light, but rather is a projection of his innate luminosity.

Get the idea? Although MRF is only in its second month of operation, they have plenty of Manny-isms to offer. For example, here's their very first post:

do you know that Manny Ramirez holds key patents that form the basis of Google Maps software?

And...that's it. But sometimes the writers get a little more expansive:

We should be careful when discussing the period of 1993 - 1995 in Manny Ramirez's life.

His role in producing Lush's hit single "Ladykiller" is well known.

His victory over Vladimir Putin in an arm wrestling contest is not.

To this day, both Miki Berenyi and Anatoly Sobchak have offers out on Manny's life.

And to think our mission statement includes the phrase "random rantings and ravings."

One more sample. The site has a musical/scientific bent:

Kanye West and Manny Ramirez met only once...

but the experience so shook the former that he crafted his greatest in a galaxy of hit songs, "RoboCop" off his 2008 album, 808s & Heartbreak.

The chorus, so reminiscent of the romantic maelstrom that lies at the heart of the greatest Euro-Disco hits, was actually based on a computerised breakdown of Manny's swing, converted into wave-form.

Fine work, gentlemen.


Gibby's Limp said...

I liked this one:

Tuesday, April 21, 2009
Did you know that Manny Ramirez and Russell Martin always share a room during away games?
one king size bed.

Russell is the small spoon.

Chappy said...

"Because this is a family oriented blog... I will not be discussing what Manny Ramirez's milkshake will bring to the yard."

Classic! Great find Orel!

Fred's Brim said...

I want to see Manny's circus cats!

QuadSevens said...

Did you know, that despite his reputation for a temper, Manny Ramirez has never uttered a four letter word? Actually any four letter words. He calls home plate "Cleveland." You can see him mouth "I'm going all the way to Cleveland" on third quite frequently.

gCHOW said...

some say, when he swings his bat second hands on a clock stop just to see what happens.

some say, his dreadlocks are strong enough to lock out the dreaded giants.

some say, the pine tar on his helmet is actually engine oil oozing out from his 500-hp bicep.

he is.....

the most interesting man in the world.

i don't always drink beer. but when i do, i prefer presidente.

Neeebs (The Original) said...

LMFAO at Gibby's Limp.