Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dodgers SI Cover Trivia Answer

The answer to the Dodgers SI trivia question is Kevin Brown (March 29, 1999), who is the most recent Dodger featured on an SI cover prior to Manny Ramirez in 2008. We went almost 10 years without a cover, after being featured with frequency in the 1980s and 1990s. (If someone has a different answer, please let me know; the "SI vault" search system is extremely wonky, as one can access different sets of covers for "Los Angeles Dodgers" and "Major League Baseball Dodgers"--and neither of these cover sets includes the Darryl Strawberry "L.A. Story" cover from March 4, 1991 (which, come to think of it, may not be an accident).)

Now hurry up and start this Dodgers/Phillies game! I'm running out of things to fill the time, and I obviously don't want to work.


Eric Karros said...

So 3 covers in 10 years. Since we're defining the boundaries of the 10 years via Dodger covers, let's say 1 cover every 5 years, or approx one in every 260 issues.

Let's then totally guess and say 60% of SI covers are dedicated to the 4 major US sports and feature only one player/team prominently.

And of the 4 major US sports, approx 30 teams per, or 120 teams.

So were the SI covers distributed completely evenly, that should be 1 in 120/0.6 or 1 in every 200 covers.

Dodgers instead get 1 in every 260. So clearly we're being screwed. Bastards.

Celsius1414 said...

How about All-Star Games? Three in *franchise* history, and only one at Dodger Stadium. 1949 (Ebbets), 1959 (Coliseum), and 1980.

rbnlaw said...

It's clear the rest of the country hates us because we're God's favorite team.
You just think he'd help us out every so often.

Eric Karros said...

rbnlaw - it's really not necessary to call me god. But I'm definitely flattered.

Chappy said...

EK's figures are depressing!

I know the early 2000's teams had their issues, but to never feature a team like LA's for 10 years is crazy.

NicJ said...

The real question is which one of these covers is more of a dissapointment.

rbnlaw said...

"No, that is God. He thinks he's Eric Karros."

Alex Cora said...

We are just trying to avoid the SI cover curse.