Saturday, May 05, 2007

Matt Morris Speaks in Base Eight

Hat tip to Larry Brown who emailed us about one of his recent posts about Giants pitcher Matt Morris' math aptitude. Brown noted that Morris had written a first-person piece speaking of the rush of a 10-game win streak:

When we had the 10-game winning streak, we were feeding off one another. Whether the guy before you is coming off a great game or not, you're going to try and put up good numbers. But it's always better when the team and the starters have a streak going. It makes you want to put up zeroes even more.

To which Larry noted: "Hurry, quick -- get that dude Elias on the phone to find out to which 10 game winning streak Morris is referring. Because it certainly couldn't have been the Giants' eight game winning streak during April, could it? I'm not even on the team and I know how many they won."

Maybe Morris is talking about the Giants' nine-game losing streak last year (Morris' first year in SF)? Or maybe when Morris writes "10", he's writing in base-eight. Hmm. Remind me to ask that guy for change for a twenty.