Thursday, May 10, 2007

Hallelujah, There May Be Upside To That Loss

From the AP recap of today's debacle came this news from Grady Little:

The first-place Dodgers came into the game eighth in the NL in hitting, and Little hinted at a lineup shakeup when the team begins a homestand Friday.

"We'll do something different," he said. "It may start as early as tomorrow. I'm not really sure exactly what it needs to be, but we need to change the scenery a little bit."

Grady, I know you're on a plane right now, but let me give you some ideas.

  • Drop Gonzo from the five hole, and play Martin there.
  • Drop Betemit into a pinch-hitting role until he can figure things out, offensively and defensively. Play LaRoche for now.
  • Get rid of Ramon Martinez.
  • Designate Wilson Valdez for assignment.
  • Bring up Matt Kemp as a potential power bat. Platoon him with Gonzo and Ethier, and possibly Pierre.
  • Start giving Nomar practice at third, so you can move him over and FREE JAMES LONEY!


carolinabluedodger said...

If you drop Valdez and Martinez we have no middle infield backups.

Orel said...

Then which one is more valuable? I'm thinking Ramon.

Steve Sax said...

Carolinablue, you're spot on. Appreciate your post (and the huzzah post). Maybe we should keep one of them, but not both. Please, not two sub-.200 hitters.

carolinabluedodger said...

Ramon is the guy to keep. Valdez is a good glove but we have too much talent in the minors to justify him. You guys do a great job, just wish I could read you more often. Curious, are you a huzzah member or just a reader? We have some fun over there.

Damon said...

What is this huzzah that you speak of??

Damon said...

We always have Tony Abreu who's hitting .351 in AAA OPS is .882

Damon said...

Oh and I forgot about Chin Lung Hu who in AA is hitting .380 with an OPS of .938. Granted it's AA but thats still better than what these jobbers could do.

Steve Sax said...

Carolinablue, I'm not a huzzaher, I just noticed your post and linked it back. Seems like there's a good group of avid Dodger fans over there, with educated opinions and up-to-date information. Stop by anytime--"Good night, Gracie."

Anonymous said...

I bet the first thing Grady Little does when he gets home is re-arrange the furniture. Because that is all he is threatening to do with the Dodger lineup. My guess is he moves the couch from the kitchen to the laundry room. He takes the curtains out of the bathroom and hangs them in the garage. Then he moves the TV out from underneath the bed and hangs it on the garage wall next to the curtains (they match). And lastly, he replaces the front door with a wall and moves it to the roof right next to the chimney. His Dodger shake-up(s) will look eerily similiar.