Sunday, May 20, 2007

Diamond Leung Has a Blog

Tony Jackson, you've got company. Via Dodger Thoughts poster natepurcell comes news that Press-Enterprise reporter Diamond Leung has started a Dodger blog. From Leung's first entry:

So if you're new to the blog, let's get reacquainted. Yes, my name is Diamond. Yes, I'm a dude. And yes, it's my first year on the beat at the ripe old age 25. To put that in perspective, I'm about a month and a half older than Andre Ethier. Much like him, I'm out here proving myself.

I do my best every day to bring a fresh perspective to this game we all love. I'm partial to 1980s baseball cards, breaking news, alliteration and the absence of the designated hitter. I can promise you material from me that you won't find anywhere else and might open your eyes and maybe occassionally Grady Little's as well. As for this blog, if it can be like Juan Pierre (oh, shush) and set the table for heavy hitters in the Dodger blog world like Dodger Thoughts among others, that'd be super.

Both Jackson's and Leung's blogs are linked on our sidebar. Jackson's blog is worthwhile reading because he provides an insider's perspective without being beholden to the Dodger organization. I hope Leung's blog proves similarly insightful. So far, so good—he seems to be updating at a steady clip.