Monday, May 14, 2007

Dodgers Hold Tight in Power Rankings

A pathetic offense in Atlanta and Florida, followed by a close win against the Reds in game one of the series, was not enough to either advance or drop the Dodgers in ESPN's power rankings, which have the Dodgers firmly in slot #7:

7. Dodgers (LW: 7): Only two teams -- the Mets (14) and Red Sox (14) -- have more road wins than the Dodgers (12).

11. Padres (LW: 9): Slumber company. The Padres are getting little production (.218 BA, 1 HR) from their No. 3 hitters.

15. D'backs (LW: 14): Randy Johnson has shown flashes of dominance, but he's still looking for his first victory in his return to Arizona.

16. Giants (LW: 12) Meet Mr. Clutch. Bengie Molina leads all NL catchers in batting. (.321) and is hitting .375 with runners in scoring position.

24. Rockies (LW: 26) Troy Tulowitzki is unflappable. Don't be surprised if the shortstop takes home Rookie of the Year honors.

The Rockies were the only NL West team to rise up the chart. The Nationals are holding tight at #30, while the Red Sox maintain #1.


Rob said...

I was going to say that sweeping the Reds at this exact moment is no great feat, but then I realized it hadn't been done this year; the Dodgers are the first team to take a series from them, which is amazing considering how bad (15-23) they are. Even so, you've gotta beat the bad teams, and that's a good sign for the Dodgers.

Rob said...

... the Dodgers are the first team to sweep a series from the Reds ...

Steve Sax said...

Nice sleuthing Rob. And it's also only the second sweep for the Dodgers this year. With another "bad" team in the standings rolling into town, let's see how it goes. I'm not hopeful in this game 1 tonight.