Friday, May 18, 2007

Toilet Paper, Vat of Ketchup, Cases of Beer,...and Dodger Tickets?

Thanks to a little bird (Daughter of Steve Garvey?) who alerted me to a recent article in the Los Angeles Business Journal, regarding Dodger tickets to be available at Costco at a deep, deep discount. I can't find the original text online to verify the source, but here's what was sent to me:

The Dodgers are teaming up with Costco Wholesale Corp to offer customers discounted field-box ticket packages. Twenty-six Costco retailers around Southern California in L.A., Orange, Riverside and Ventura counties will offer two field-box tickets for $54 as opposed to the game day value of $100. Costco ordered 10,000 tickets from the Dodgers to sell at a 40% discount. It is the first deal between the Dodgers and Costco. Future deals are already under discussion.

If this is true, this seems to run counter to the price-hike strategy employed over the last two years in particular. Or maybe everyone is wise to the horrible sight lines of the expanded "box seats," and they aren't moving otherwise? More info to come as we verify the source...