Thursday, May 10, 2007

Opposing Pitchers Prefer Bonds Junk (Junk Bonds?)

USA Today writes that no pitcher wants to be the one to give up the fateful home run to Barry. No kidding.

Just in case San Francisco Giants slugger Barry Bonds wasn't already aware of the inevitable, pitchers across the land are making it perfectly clear.

No one wants to facilitate Bonds' march toward history.

Bonds went homerless in Wednesday's 5-3 home loss to the New York Mets and leaves San Francisco with 745 homers — 10 shy of Hank Aaron's career record.

Bonds, who has a league-leading 11 homers, embarks today on an 11-day, 10-game trip to Colorado, Houston and Oakland.

"At the pace he's on, he's probably going to do it before we see him again," Mets pitcher Tom Glavine said Tuesday after giving up Bonds' 745th homer, "but if that situation came along, I can assure you I wouldn't want to be the guy who gave up the home run."

Even if Bonds continues his torrid pace — 11 in the last 22 games — he would be short of Aaron's record when the Giants play the Mets on May 29-31 at Shea Stadium.

If Bonds remains on his current pace, he would break the record June 15-17 at Fenway Park, where Boston Red Sox ace Curt Schilling waits.

We all know what Schilling thinks of Bonds. How sweet would it be if we saw weeks of Bonds walks?

The Giants next play the Dodgers at Chavez Ravine the weekend of July 13-15. I don't think his pace will have him wait that long, but on the other hand, the irony would be chilling. The Dodgers' next series vs. San Francisco is at SF, July 31 - August 2.


Pedro Guerrero said...

No way do the Dodgers let Bonds break the record against us. It's one thing to see Hammerin Hank Aaron replay's over and over again when he did it against the Dodgers but no way in heck does that jerk do it against us. I saw walk him everytime...

Steve Sax said...

I say, if you're going to give him the base, you may as well bean him every time.