Friday, May 18, 2007

Boffo vs. Da' Bums: Preview Week Three

Another week, another Frikkin' sequel. In fact, there's not a weekend of new movies coming out without any sequels until July 4th (and that's the Transformers weekend). Not that I'm a sequel snob - any day of the week, I'll gladly re-watch Nightmare on Elm St 3: The Dream Warriors, Friday the 13th Part IV (when one of the Coreys butchers Jason), Spy Kids 3 (Multiple Stallones!), and Leprechaun in the Hood. And I guess Godfather Part 2's okay, especially since I quote Fredo's signature "I'm smart, not dumb like everyone says" at least once a week.

I'm venting here because there's not much to say about the Dodgers' chances this weekend vs. the cinema. Given, putting up 10 runs against Ervin Santana is a pretty safe bet. But I don't expect Kelvim Escobar and Jered Weaver to be so generous. So unless the Dodgers find a way to knock in 25 runs, expect Drek 3 to take this weekend easily with a $100 Million haul. (Coming Sunday, or Monday if I get lazy - my exclusive Shrek-has-turned-all-non-Disney-animation-into-sub-Benny-Hill-smarm rant).

Also opening: the lesser-known sequel Fay Grim, a follow up to 1998's superb Henry Fool (a movie which grossed a whopping $1.3 MILLLION dollars, making it that much cooler). I actually saw Fay Grim in Toronto, and wish I could say I liked it. It starts out like a thousand other indie movies, with a shot of Parker Posey. But after a promising first half, the movie becomes the annoying art-house film it's mocking. Even the polite Canadian audience I saw it with started grumbling. Look for Fay Grim's entire gross to be less than what Shrek 3 makes in thirty minutes.


Steve Sax said...

From where the heck are those pictures? I don't recognize either one.

Damon said...

Is that Olmedo Saenz in the first picture?

Delino DeShields said...

Weird Al in FAT (live). Parker Posey in Blade 3. DUH!