Sunday, May 20, 2007

Game 44 Post-Mortem Thread


So much for the hot streak. On paper, starting Brad Penny and Derek Lowe seemed to ensure to Dodgers would win at least one game against the Angels. Instead, the Dodgers had more errors (6) than runs (4) in this weekend's three-game series and ended up getting swept.

A team with no power is one thing, but a team with no power and a poor defense is destined to fail—something to consider as trade rumors start to fly.

This doesn't feel like a team that should be in sole possession of first place, but it will continue to be so for at least one more day as the Padres and Diamondbacks try to heat up. What do the Dodgers have to look forward to? A series with the first-place Brewers, but also perhaps the return of Jason Schmidt?


Damon said...

The Brewers haven't been playing very well as of late so I guess thats something to look forward to. Did anyone ever think that it's not the hitters thats needs to be changed maybe it's the hitting coach.

Orel said...

Fire Eddie Murray? That would look like a total scapegoat move. You can't teach power.

Trolley Dodger said...

You can teach not swinging at the first freakin' pitch though.

And if Juan Pierre followed through on his promise to do 20 pushups for every flyball out he gets, I'm surprised he can lift his arms anymore to keep getting them.

Lasorda said...

I guess that would explain D'Vaughn's lack of a throwing arm.

Orel said...

Jon Weisman calls it a "dental floss throwing arm." That's beautiful.