Monday, May 21, 2007

Blah Blah Blah Scott Rolen Blah

This time it's's Jon Heyman banging the trade drum. From "Let's make a deal: Seven trades that need to happen before the deadline"":

1. Scott Rolen to the Dodgers
Los Angeles is desperately seeking additional power, and Rolen fits the bill. Ned Colletti, one of the game's more aggressive GMs, has looked just about everywhere for power, which is the glaring weakness on an otherwise well-balanced team. Colletti recently said he wasn't going after Blue Jays third baseman Troy Glaus. But he hasn't denied interest in Rolen.

The Cardinals have not yet signaled they're ready to throw in the towel, but if things continue to go south, it would make sense to trade Rolen, who has an uneasy relationship with manager Tony La Russa and would have some market value despite his awful start (.215). (Rolen has three years and $36 million remaining on his contract after this season.) The Dodgers have prospects to trade, including a third baseman, Andy LaRoche, plus young pitchers.

Here's an idea. Instead of trading our youngsters, why not let them play? LaRoche, Matt Kemp, James Loney...I'd rather watch the kids develop in the majors than trade for a big, expensive name who won't get us past the first round of the playoffs.


Rhonda said...

Amen. I say bring up all of the baby Dodgers and let them play. DO NOT TRADE them Mr Trader Coletti. I say get rid of Kent, Gonzales, and Pierre.

Orel said...

Those three represent almost $30 million in salary this year alone!