Wednesday, May 30, 2007

We May Not Have a Power Bat, But At Least We've Got a Closer

Witness the rancor from Giants fans in the San Francisco Comical, lamenting the two balks and one monumental blown save last night by their closer, Armando Benitez, versus the Mets. Some of the highlights:

It is arrogant to allow Benitez to continue in the closer roll [sic] and the Giants should make every attempt to off him to anyplace that they can get something for him.

Let's be clear, o educated Giant fan: Benitez may be continuing with the dinner rolls, but I'm not sure what "closer roll" to which you are referring.

Blownitez...what else can you expect? It's not the blown saves, closers blow saves, it's the "never his fault" attitude and lack of intensity in big game situations. Most guys try a little harder against their former team...not our Blownitez.

"Blownitez"--now that's a good one.

What can be said? The Giants are a sad excuse for a professional baseball team. What do they have? Tim Lincecum, Matt Cain, Noah Lowry, Barry Zito, Benji Molina and that's about it. Bonds? Not hardly - a $15 million dollar part-time player, who's batting under .200 for the month of May. Let him go chase Aaron and rest his 43 year old legs some where else. Aurilia? Nope - when was the last time he got a hit that mattered? Feliz? Not in this lifetime. Durham? Come on - yet another injury. Winn? Just about due for another prolonged slump. Relief pitchers? Not much in the cupboard there. Be honest - what thoughts go through your mind on those rare occasions that a reliever enters the game with the Giants in front? Benitez? This guy not only needs to go - he has to go - eat his contract and get rid of him - release him if that's the only alternative. The face of the this is Lincecum, Cain, Lowry, and Zito - that's it.

Actually, I like Lincecum from what I've seen so far, and Cain definitely has promise. SF overpaid for Zito, but to be fair at least he is pitching now unlike Schmidt. And you know what I think of Bonds.


Anonymous said...

Steve, It sounds as if we are defending the Giants, was that not your favorite childhood team?

Orel said...

Wow, them's fightin' words.

Rob said...

The "closer roll" is the Kaiser roll you can reach, as opposed to the one you can't.